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Real Image Media Solutions restores over 1000 Telugu Movies for Eenadu TV

October 3, Chennai: Real Image Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a division of Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has restored over 1000 Telugu movies in SD format and upscaled more than 500 movies to HD format using a restoration solution from Filmworkz (formerly known as Digital Vision), for Eenadu TV. The movies will now be broadcast on ETV’s movie channels.

ETV had a treasure trove of content on tapes, including movies from the mid-1960s to 2000s. The old tapes had undergone a lot of wear-and-tear and hence could not be played on Eenadu’s movie channels. Eenadu TV was looking at a restoration solution that was user friendly, flexible, could handle variety of input and output formats with ability to retrieve content easily for future re-telecast. Real Image Media Solutions team offered Filmworkz’s Restoration Solution comprising their Phoenix Restoration Platform, Nucoda Colour Grading Platform and a selection of the Emmy Award winning DVO image enhancement ‘super tools’ that delivered perfectly for ETV’s workflow requirement. The system restored and archived the material and ensured that the content could be exported in a format suitable for ETV’s choice of broadcast. The project highlight was the complex restoration of the 1978 drama ‘Mana Voori Pandavulu’. The movie’s original content was completely damaged and could not be restored. Original negatives were sourced from a distributor, scanned and restored to 2K resolution through the Phoenix Restoration Tools.

“A lot of our classic films lying idle as archived content on tapes got a rebirth with Filmworkzs restoration tools. The content was enhanced and upscaled to todays highest standards and is ready to be presented as quality cinema to a new generation of viewers.” Bapineedu Koneru – CEO – ETV Network
Filmworkz’s unique proposition is its powerful set of tools that help achieve optimum results without creating artefacts. Utilizing both automatic and manual tools, Filmworkz provides the perfect package for handling mass restoration tasks while still focusing on quality.

The most common artefacts in India cinema are the emulsion stains and film grain. To handle these artefacts DVO Dryclean and DVO Clarity were used. DVO Dryclean, an advanced dust, dirt and film blemish concealer tool works in an automated mode for large artefact removal.

DVO Clarity is the best grain and noise reducer available today, and a perfect tool for advanced grain management. “Filmworkzs restoration solution saved ETV significant time and money especially when it came to handling copyright material, while giving more control over delivering quality output in the desired timeframe. The Phoenix restoration tools combined with Nucoda’s colour correction tools ensured top quality output with a relatively easier workflow.” Kanishka Tongya, Vice President and Business Head of Real Image.

For demo of Filmworkz restoration tools, visit us on booth D3 at Broadcast India 2022.

About Real Image
Real Image, a division of Qube Cinema Technologies, is India’s leading provider of technology in the film, video and audio domains. We have pioneered several technology revolutions over the past three decades. Real Image is the unrivalled leader in broadcast technology and the Indian representative of Avid Technology Inc., Orad Hi-Tech Systems Limited, FilmWorkz and Font Porch Digital. The company introduced non-linear editing, digital surround sound and Avid newsroom systems to the Indian market. We are also the only company in the world with an end-to-end digital cinema product range covering mastering, distribution, playback and archival.

About Filmworkz (formerly known as Digital Vision)

To create the best, you need the best. Filmworkz offers colorists and restoration artists from around the world powerful tools that allow them to create truly incredible projects. With over 30 years of image science supporting our wide range of products, we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry to provide jaw-dropping results. We’re also now proud to announce budget-friendly subscription options, allowing everyone to access our Emmy award-winning products.

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