Scratch free, crystal clear picture!

Blemish free, uncompressed sound!

Digital cinema brings a completely new cinema experience to the filmmaker, the distributor, the exhibitor and the viewer!

Filmmakers today demand tools and technology on par with Hollywood, technology that adheres to international standards, technology compatible across the world…

And who better to give it to them, but the company that has lived and breathed media technology for over 20 years!

Qube Digital Cinema Solutions is Real Image's unique offering to the uncompromising Theater owner and Filmmaker. Developed ground up in compliance with the standards set by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), yet always keeping the end user in mind, the Qube range of products and services has made its mark across the globe for its versatility, power, ease of use, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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Qube Range of Products

Qube XP-D Digital Cinema Server

Qube XP-D Digital Cinema Server Aimed at the DCI compliant D-cinema market, Qube XP-D is the most versatile digital cinema server in the market today.

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Qube XP-E Digital Cinema Server

Qube XP-E Digital Cinema Server E-cinema and Pre-show digital cinema server solution.

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QubeMaster Pro

Qube Master ProA uniquely flexible and powerful Digital Cinema encoding and packaging solution, QubeMaster Pro is designed to integrate fully into the modern post environment and is a popular choice of some of the biggest names in the industry.

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QubeMaster Xpress

QubeMaster XpressConvert slides, animations and videos into ready-to-use Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).

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QubeXP-SQube XP-S is aimed at the E-cinema and Pre-show market and has HDMI picture output with HDCP and analog audio outputs in a compact 2U rack-mount package.

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QubeCastMulticast digital content via satellite, data networks.

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Qube Wire

Qube KeySmithQube Wire is a powerful and comprehensive web-based digital cinema key management and reporting system that was developed to meet real-world requirements across different environments.

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