Products & Services

Real Image has always been at the forefront of media technology in India. Be it the revolutions in sound and editing techniques with Datasat and Avid or the complete reinvention of the way people see movies at the theater with Qube Digital 3D cinema, to our latest offering - the most cutting edge colour correction and restoration tools in the world from Digital Vision - Real Image has always insisted on bringing the best and the latest media technology to the discerning Indian industry.

Digital Cinema

Qube LogoBuilt from scratch indigenously, the Qube Digital Cinema range of products has been developed with flexibility, power and versatility as their core strengths.

Digital Cinema Advertising

QCN LogoAn obvious offshoot of the digitization of media, Real Image holds the patent for India and the US for remote delivery, screening and electronic play logs of advertising material. This technology is put to use through QCN, the digital media marketing arm of Real Image


Digital Content Creation

Avid LogoThe best selling online editing system in the world that completely reinvented the way movies are made was first brought into the country in 1986 by Real Image.

Finishing Tools for Film & Broadcast

Image Systems LogoThe latest technology to be brought to India by the Real Image Technology Marketing wing, Digital Vision colour correction and restoration systems complete the DI workflow by seamlessly integrating into the Avid setup.


On-air Graphics & Virtual Sets

Orad LogoA revolution in the live broadcasting domain, the Orad systems help enhance the newsroom and other areas of television channel broadcasting.

Digital Audio

DigiDesign LogoNow a part of Avid, DigiDesign and Pro Tools set the standards for audio recording equipment in the country.


Datasat Digital Sound

dts LogoDatasat Digital Entertainment (previously DTS Cinema Audio) is a supplier of high quality digital audio solutions for cinema. With a proven track record of more than 16 years, the team at Datasat Digital has a rich history with our Academy Award® winning digital sound technology and an unmatched commitment to - film-based technologies, providing digital soundtracks and Access for Hollywood motion pictures.

THX Certified Film Mix Stage

Media Artists LogoThe oldest wing of Real Image, Media Artists is one of the most respected and renowned sound mixing facility in the country. With a long list of celebrated artists and movies using the facilities to mix their sounds, Media Artists has transcended the boundaries of state and country, bringing many international artists to its doors.


Advertising & Feature Production

JS Films LogoThe amalgamation of two brilliant minds - Jayendra and PC Sreeram - JS Films brought ad film making to the South over 20 years ago. It now provides Production Services using the latest tools brought to the country by Real Image.

Condenser Microphones

sE Electronics LogoEstablished in 2000, sE Electronics’ condenser microphones are now the No. 1 brand in the United Kingdom, and the fastest growing microphone brand in Europe. In its short history, the brand has already won almost every major European award possible for excellence including the Future Publishing Readers Poll ‘Mic of the Year’ Award.