Qube converts 28 screens to digital

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As seen on India Blooms News Service
Real Image Media Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leader in media technology, announced the successful installation of Qube Cinema 4K systems at 3 screens owned by Wave Cinemas.
Through this new partnership with Wave Cinemas, 28 screens have been converted to digital with Qube Cinema. Wave Cinemas now boasts 10 E-cinema screens and 15 2K screens in addition to the 3 4K screens, across Noida, Rajouri Gardens, Moradabad, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Kaushambi and Haridwar. 
Among the 28 screens, 14 were converted to digital initially and the remainder screens were converted in phase two with the latest Qube Integrated Media Block (IMB) solution making 4K and High Frame Rate (HFR) playback possible.
“We are thrilled to be one of the first chains in India to install 4K projection systems, which are considered to be the highest level of cinema projection in the world. We are also very happy with the product stability and service support offered by Qube Cinema,” said Yogesh Raizada, Corporate Head, Wave Cinemas.
While most cinemas today use digital projection technology with 2K digital projectors, 4K digital projection doubles those dimensions to exactly four times the count of 2K projection.
From an audience perspective, 4K offers improved quality: unprecedented levels of resolution and contrast and, ultimately, a much more dynamic, engaging and immersive entertainment experience in a movie theatre.
Top of the line Barco projectors guarantee razor-sharp images combined with consistent uniformity, rich contrast and vibrant, accurate colors.
High frame rate (HFR) technology projects movies at a frame rate that is twice or higher of what’s seen in today’s cinemas. As a result, viewers see less flicker, motion blur and stuttered movement. The improvements to 3D movies are dramatic - creating ultra-realistic movie going experiences.
Both 4K and HFR are made possible by the IMB (Integrated Media block) installed in the projector. With an IMB, the content decryption now takes place inside the projector making piracy tougher. The new link between server and projector / IMB is not only more secure and reliable, but also faster.
“We hope to continue our association with Wave Cinemas, one of the most cinema premium chains in North India, for years to come,” said Arvind Ranganathan, CEO, Real Image.