Corporate Social Responsibility

Based on the recommendations of CSR Committee, your Board of Directors has approved a CSR Policy –

To contribute 2% of the average net profits of your Company for the preceding three years (currently in vogue under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013) -

A.  to the institutions/organizations/trust(s) who are engaged in –

  1. providing assistance/financial support/relief to the people who are affected by hunger, poverty, ill-health, disablement; 
  2. promoting education including special education, employment enhancing vocation skills among children, women, elderly persons;
  3. setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans, old age homes, day care centres for senior citizens; 
  4. taking measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups; 


B.  for such other activities as enshrined in Schedule VII to the Companies Act 2013, as modified/amended from time to time.  

Real Image supports a diverse range of causes as part of its social responsibility initiatives. From the Cancer Institute, Adyar through the Mahesh Memorial Trust, to helping victims of natural disasters though the Bhoomika foundation, and creating awareness films for various causes, Real Image has been part of many earnest efforts to help.

Mahesh Memorial Trust (MMT)

Mahesh Memorial trustA trust formed by the associates and close friends of the late Mahesh Mahadevan (former Director, Real Image), MMT is dedicated to the cause closest to Mahesh's heart - pediatric cancer. Understanding the need for early detection of pediatric cancer for its complete cure, MMT has joined hands with the Cancer Institute in Adyar to set up a state-of-the-art pediatric block on the premises. MMT also sponsors treatment for less privileged children and has many ongoing activities at the Cancer Institution a regular basis.

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BanyanA home for destitute, mentally ill women, The Banyan attempts to rehabilitate and reintroduce them to main stream society. Real Image has been actively involved with The Banyan for many years, helping its fund raising innitiatives, conducting retreats and coordinating and volunteering for events conducted every year


Bhoomika Trust

Bhoomika TrustA spontaneous reaction to the helplessness felt after the tsunami lead to the formation of the Bhoomika trust. Care packages consisting of clothes, food and basic provisions were collected from the employees of Real Image and taken directly to the worst affected areas along the east coast. After this initial spurt of activity, more systematic and long term measures are being implemented, specifically for the children left orphaned because of this disaster. Bhoomika Trust has dedicated itself to building schools for these children and taking care of their basic needs.

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Sankara Eye Foundation

Sankara Eye Foundation LogoReal Image has had a long and fruitful association with Shankara Eye Hospital, helping them generate funds to build a hospital and provide free treatment for the under privileged.  New films were created every year by JS Films to help them spread awareness and bring light into the lives of many people, old and young.

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